Children and young people

This section will give you information about what to do if you are worried and it will link to other documents and sources of advice.

Parents and carers

Very few adults harm children deliberately and most needs support. In this section there is information/advice on how to protect and safeguard children.


In this section there is information and advice for professionals on how to safeguard children.


This section gives information about the Multi-Agency training available.

Key documents

You can download Board documents such as minutes of meetings and the annual report from this section.

Latest News

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Graded Care Profile 2 is coming to Barnet – Book your training now

Neglect is the most common form of abuse nationally, and in Barnet. Barnet aims to improve outcomes for children suffering from neglect by intervening as early as possible.

The Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) is an evidence-based tool that evaluates parental levels of care. It is multi-agency, it promotes resilience and it can be used in all cases where neglect is suspected or present.

GCP2 training will be delivered from March 2017 in Barnet on a rolling basis and all practitioners across the partnership are encouraged to attend. Contact the Workforce Development Team to book your place now: or 020 8359 2617.


Barnet’s updated protocol for Missing Children

This protocol sets out the London Borough of Barnet’s missing children procedure and provides practice guidance to practitioners and managers to ensure we respond robustly to children missing from home and care.


Serious Case Review

Welcome to the Barnet Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB)

A welcome from the Board’s independent chair Chris Miller

The Safeguarding Board consists of a group of professional and volunteer organisations that have particular responsibility for the health, safety and well being of children and young people in Barnet. Our aim is to work together to ensure that children can grow up healthy and safe and in due course flourish into adulthood. Most children in Barnet do.  Our job through the board is to ensure not only that this continues to be the case for the majority but also for those children and young people, whose lives are not as fortunate, that we work together to improve their life prospects.

Your comments, ideas and suggestions are vital to help us in further developing this site as a valuable resource for all partners, as well as young people and the wider community in Barnet.

Please let us know what you think! You can email us at or call us on 020 8359 3560.

Thanks for your support.

Chris Miller, Independent Chair